There are few topics on the internet of which so much is being written about,

as has been written about marketing.

Quantity is not always the deciding factor,  but when a Google Search, on ONE business aspect, renders 594 000 000 results (yes that’s nearly six hundred million!), there’s no denying that it has to be a matter of importance.

We at EQscience still feel that “a matter of importance” is an understatement.

We believe that Marketing is the core of any business.
Your business success lies in its marketing.
Without marketing, your business may offer the best products or services in your industry, but none of your potential customers would know about it.

While the above may spell doom and disaster, don’t feel overwhelmed, because this is where EQscience  comes to the rescue.

Based on a team with a vast Marketing experience, we offer an affordable all-in service, spanning the whole marketing spectrum.

Offline Marketing The art of making people look up from their cell phone in the 21st Century. (aka outbound marketing.)

While the importance of Online Marketing is without any doubt overtaking that of the traditional Offline Marketing, Outbound Marketing is still a cornerstone in the majority of Equine businesses.

Personal contact and face to face meetings with prospects and clientele remain an indispensable link in the sales chain of any stakeholder the industry.

EQscience can assist on a Global scale with, but not limited to the following services:

● Exhibitions & Trade Show Support
● International Public Relations
● International Cooperation & Delegation Development
● On-Premises Training, Seminars and Clinics
● Trade Missions / In-Country Market Visits
● Strategic Business Planning
● Market Research & Analysis

● Overseas Marketing Strategy
● Investment Roadmap Consulting
● International Office Set-Up
● Knowledge Transfer Services
● New Product Launch
● Joint Venture
● Mergers & Acquisitions Planning
● Technology Transfer or License Partnership

Online Marketing The art of making people search for you on their cell phone. (aka inbound marketing.)

logo with sa flag - 600px transp

We are proud to inform that EQscience has branched out to the tip of Africa.

In a joint venture with an established South African Internet and E-Marketing company, we are now able to offer a complete Online Marketing service under the EQscience brand.

The unique combination of many years of Online Marketing expertise, combined with our extensive in-house equine industry expertise, guarantees a Marketing  ROI (Return On Investment) that leaves any of our competitors biting the dust. (Yes, the pun is intended) 

We welcome our new South African Partners and we are looking forward to serving our customer base as never before!

● Online Marketing Services
● Web Development
● Mobile App Development
● Email Marketing
● Marketing Automation and Drip Campaigns
● B2B, B2C Marketing Services
● Video Promotion
● Hosting & Maintenance

● Brand Design and Development
● Catalog Design
● Product Package Design
● Video Production
● Press Releases
● Web translation services
● In Language Services & Localization of Marketing Materials
● Groupware


Besides the above, our cooperation with specialist developers across the Globe,  enables us to offer any custom application you may envision, including the onboarding services and training!